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ALA is dedicated to the success of each child, accommodating their individual learning needs

Strong Curriculum Foundation

  • Academic Biblical Integration through Bob Jones University Press, Apologia, A Beka, A Reason For, Alpha Omega and Classical Studies

  • Individualized Education Plans using telescoping by grade level and customization within each academic course

  • Dual credit opportunities through North Lake College

  • Option to graduate with both a high school diploma and associate degree

  • Duke University Talent Identification Program

  • Academic Language Therapy

  • ACT/SAT/TSI, STAAR and EOC Assessment Tutoring

We currently serve both a regular education and special education population.  Whether it is accelerated, grade level or remediated instruction required, our services include the ability to instruct ALL students. Our students who are in need of an accelerated or gifted and talented environment have the opportunity to attend classes at a higher grade level, 

including dual credit college level classes through North Lake College, while still experiencing age - level peer interaction.  We also serve students who have been diagnosed with ADD/ ADHD, Anxiety, Asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia, and other reading and math disorders. 


Our teachers are ACSI and/or state certified regular education, including Honors, AP, IB and GT certified teachers.  We also have licensed special education teachers and specialists depending on the classroom needs of each student.  Our teachers are licensed through the state of Texas and/or ACSI, which is the licensing for teachers who teach in a private, Christian school setting.  We have state licensed Academic Language Therapists, a Speech and Language Therapist, a Pastoral School Counselor, and a Developmental Behaviorist on staff.  Private ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) services are available through our partner, Unique Pathways

  • What are class hours for ALA students?
    All students attend school Monday – Thursday with the following hours: Mondays 8:30 – 2:00 Tuesdays through Thursdays 8:30 – 3:15 Friday STEM/STEAM activities 8:30 – 12:30 (please send a snack, no lunch) Friday Field Trips – vary according to event planned
  • Is ALA affiliated with a given church?
    We are a Christian school with no formal ties to any given church or denomination. We do NOT require a statement of Faith for enrollment.
  • Do ALA students wear uniforms?
    Yes, all students have an everyday uniform and a formal uniform to wear on Wednesdays of each month, including a monthly chapel day. On STUCO (Student Council) Spirit Days, students have the option to dress more casually and wear jeans with an ALA t-shirt or themed wear with jeans, i.e. Pink Out Breast Cancer Awareness Day etc.
  • Is before and after school care available?
    Yes, we currently offer on-site before and after school care, for an additional cost. This is offered daily Monday – Thursday for all grade levels from 7:45 am until the start of school each morning at 8:30, and 3:15 to 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon.
  • Do you have a waiting list and, if so, how it it managed?"
    We maintain an unranked applicant pool. If a vacancy should occur, we will offer admission based on our admission requirements.
  • Are siblings guaranteed placement?
    We give priority consideration to students of our current ALA families if they meet our admission requirements.
  • Is it possible to enroll at ALA mid-year?
    We take students all throughout the year if they meet our admission requirements and space is available.
  • Is there a lunch program available?
    Yes, we have a volunteer-run hot lunch program. Hot lunch is pre-ordered, 8 weeks at a time, and is served Tuesday - Thursday to all students. Food vendors include Chick Fil A, iFratelli, McAlister’s and other area restaurants.
  • Does ALA offer Summer Enrichment Programs?
    Yes, summer programs and camps are available for all ages and are offered by ALA faculty members to refine students’ skills and interests. Course offerings vary from year to year, and may include: Athletics, Art, Science, Grammar, Music, Theatre, SAT/ACT/TSI/STAARS Test Prep, Reading, Creative Writing, Mathematics, Social/Developmental/Emotional Regulation/Instruction, Executive Function Skills Training and more. Specific class information is available on our website beginning in April of each year. Registration is online.
Academic Language Therapy
Development & Behavioral Services
Shadowing Services
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